Aachen - city in the heart of Europe

Aachen is situated in an area, where the three countries of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands meet. You can easily get to the Eifel hills in a short time. You will soon see how much variety the city has to offer.

The Market and small streets were restored with great accuracy and are full of restaurants and pubs. While the beer is flowing in the pubs, a large number of active fountains can be found at all corners of the city. The different designs of these fountains create an interesting and lively atmosphere. There is a nearly unlimited variety of water features from the "FischpŁddelchen" (a symbol of the old Fish Market) to the "Fountain of the Puppets", which was designed by Stirnberg. At Schinkel’s classical "Elisenbrunnen" (Elisa Fountain), the Aachen emblem, you can try the healing water with its high sulphur content. However due to the strong smell, some curious visitors can’t quite find the courage to give it a go.

The city of Aachen does not only have a happily splashing side to it. If you are interested in serious and enjoyable art, the Suermondt-Ludwig Museum has a large selection of old treasures. The Ludwig Forum for International Art presents some of the most daring modern pieces of art. For those who are interested in sports, the International Equestrian Championships (CHIO) in the Aachen Soers lure large crowds of horse lovers into the city every year. Additionally there is the Grenzlandtheater plus a very ambitious concert culture, jazz music scene and alternative activities. All of them contribute to the lively “performance scene” of the city.

The Aacheners are famous for giving awards. Whether it is the famous "Karlspreis" or the "Orden wider den tierischen Ernst" (Medal for Combating Deadly Seriousness). If you are not amongst the invited guests for the award celebrations, you can go festival crazy during the Carnival or the traditional fair "÷cher Bend". A sweet Christmas present has spread Aachen’s fame across the globe: The "Printen" are made from a kind of dark and spicy ginger bread and can be bought in the Aachen Christmas Market as well as in many other places in the city. (Source: aachen tourist service e.V.)